About Me


Hi, I am Ciara Warner. I am a holistic nutritionist living in Portland, Oregon where I am completing my Nutritional Therapist Practitioner certification and helping people optimize and support whole body/mind health through on-one-one counseling as well as helping the community at large with my writing and outreach projects.

I am in my mid 40’s and have a background in health advocacy, public health, bodywork and nutrition. I also have a body. Just like anyone else, my body has had its ups and downs but my work has been in addressing and managing the imbalances caused by years of knowingly and unknowlingly living outside of my body’s bio-individual best interest. I now know that there are a ton of tools available to figure out how to do just that. I want to share these tools.

The Well Spell is the realization of years of work and research in health and wellness including nutrition, functional medicine, mindfulness, non-toxic self-care and movement.  My blog will be a resource of wellness strategies, recipes, nutritional information, things I love and overall tips for a balanced, healthier more authentic life.