Bitters And Your Belly: and why you want some now.

So I am super into digestion. I am a nutritional therapist, and was for many, many years a foodie. I still AM a foodie, only now I take the whole process of what I eat and how I eat it more seriously. Partially, I am 44 and no matter intact the outside is (genetics) over the last few years I started to see the capital “T,” TRUTH about how digestion is basically the root of all things health – mental and otherwise. The funny part? I don’t 100% relate to a large group of clients and potential clients because I always thought my digestion was flawless and never experienced much in the way of digestive distress. I figured if I wasn’t digesting, I would KNOW. News FLASH: This isn’t the case. The holes in MY stomach lining and havoc done by my Ben and Jerry’s pints nightly from the age of 20-25 plus living life as if my subway train was on fire (in my defense, that did happen on one occassion) is very real and the price for beating up my belly is being paid now.

In my case, I struggle from a series of autoimmune issues with roots in digestive distress. It came from eating things I was allergic to, eating/drinking things that could not be honestly categorized as food – remember Monster or fat free Entemann’s? It also came from poorly managed stress, eating low-fat and no-fat and all the other craziness/poor choices I managed to fit in the 26 years during which I was the exclusive captain of this digestive ship.

Ok, so here is where I am going. Every time you sit down to eat (you better be sitting down because that has a lot to do with your chances of good digestion) your body begins to anticipate a meal mentally. Just thinking about food begins the first step in the “digestive cascade” as us nutrition nerds like to call it. So you think, see, smell and get excited about eating and this tells your brain to send a message to to start salivating. Saliva and its enzymes is needed to help break down foods in your mouth – particularly it’s the start of carbohydrate digestion. People who miss this step because they are walking around on the phone, shoving stuff in their mouths end up with candida and bacterial overgrowth because that buttery croissant missed the saliva train.

So ideally you are peacefully sitting, chewing and salivating and the journey begins. But there is way more to happen and way more to go wrong between drooling over your steak frites and when it turns into fuel for your body and then ultimately excess waste.

Today we are going to focus on one of those things. Digestive Juices. If we are operating correctly, I’ll say optimally as that is less blamey,  us humans should be juicy rather than dried out and shriveled. Lots of people are lacking the stomach acid, digestive enzymes and free-flowing bile needed to get this work of digestion done in a healthy way. And this step comes long before excretion, a topic which I will also freely bullshit with you about in the future. I can’t stop with shit jokes. But secretly we all get them because as in the words of some kids book author I forgot, “Everybody Poops.”

But there’s something easy and old-school you can do to up your digestive game NOW. Enter, bitters.

Bitters – yes the yummy under-flavor in a perfect old-fashioned. Bitters actually had an original and totally genius purpose since the days of foraging for our health cures. They “prime” your digestive system to get to work. They can be used before you eat to “ignite the digestive fire” as my friends over at Urban Moonshine so aptly describe it. They can also be used to soothe stuff that’s already gone wrong like gas and bloating or a case of heartburn or indigestion.

This is a mild intervention with no side effects. And I love the taste of bitters, even the bizarro artichoke and raw honey one that I spray in my mouth to support my liver (part of this whole digestive dance.) Bitters are like a wake-up call to your organs and your senses to do their damn job.

Bitters improve digestion.

  • stimulate and detox your liver so it can clear up the clogged up crap in our blood stream.
  • boost your metabolism.
  •  improve your skin which is a detox pathway that also gets clogged.
  • help retrain your body to be less carb-obsessed as bitters help maintain healthy blood sugar balancing us away from our sweet obsessed eating patterns and our hardwired desire for sweets.
  • are a great way to connect us to ancestral habits, herbs, plants and their inherent powers.
  • reduce nausea.
  • reduce heartburn.

There is way more science and like most things gut and food I cold go on for days. But I think instead you should think about ordering a Bitters Lime Soda the next time you sit down for non-boozy dinner out. Or do like I do and ALSO by a cool purse-sized bitters atomizer to spray in your mouth before meals or if an upset tummy arises while out and about.

I personally love Urban Moonshine and all of their products. I am not sponsored by them, I just stand by their product, packaging and ingredients. AND, they make the little atomizers that make my bitters feel like a cool, easy to use purse accessory. But any organic, well-sourced brand is fair game for a foray into the world of bitters. And I’m not saying that and old-fashioned isn’t a great vehicle for bitters – because it IS.  But try bitters for their original purpose and you might be pleasantly surprised and your gut will thank you which probably didn’t happen the last time you drank an old-fashioned.