Welcome to The Well Spell

I used to have a blog.  It was about the subliminal power of red lipstick, fashion and things that made me feel good. It’s funny because considering that since the age of 18 to the unexpectedly youthful age of 44 my “In Real Life” life has been about health. I wasn’t always making the best decisions or ultimately serving my health through all my efforts, but in all my education and jobs up to and including becoming a mother, health and wellness were the primary theme. When deciding to attempt to become parents – itself 5 epic blog posts – we took a month to eat “super foods” and optimize our bodies to give me the best chance of conceiving as I was almost 34 at the time and received constant warnings of my approaching “advanced maternal age.”  Six weeks later our optimization showed up on a plastic stick. Two years later I may as well have opened an organic baby food company considering the amount of time I spent macerating artichoke hearts and black cherries into baby culinary masterpieces on 3 hours of sleep.

So anyway, during that transitional time of my life as I tried to put myself together after such a large life change, I spent a year blogging about what I put ON my body and WHERE my body travelled on luxurious vacations (Tahiti, England, Scotland and Maui that year) and barely touched on what I put IN my body, or how I managed the incredibly stressful events of my life at that time like raising a baby and suddenly losing my mother to cancer. I didn’t talk about how my beloved husband’s job as a film and television producer kept me living in a city that depressed me and only worsened a focus on weight-loss and dress size that was a theme for far longer than I would like to admit. Writing had been a kind of therapy for a long time, but that blog started in my voice and morphed into the person I thought I was supposed to be until she became so unfamiliar I just stopped out of the blue.

Ironically, this blog will probably feature lipstick sometimes along with all the recipes for things that help reduce inflammation, promote good digestion and improve your mood. That’s because these days all my lipstick is made naturally and I still love a bold red lip (and all make-up – I won’t lie.) With the battles my body has fought in recent years, decreasing my overall toxic load by changing all my makeup and self-care products to non-toxic options became a big part of my “well spell.”

The Well Spell will describe how a woman living in these crazy times might fall into extreme adrenal exhaustion from pairing strenuous workouts with under-eating “just for a little while”  and then wondering why her body can’t stay asleep or heal and how you could look 10 years younger than you are but feel 75 when the joint pain and nerve issues join the auto-immune dysfunction party you didn’t know you were invited to.

It’s about how quick fixes, medicine not prevention and failing to face the hard and scary parts of our past and present show themselves in our imbalanced health and wellbeing. It’s about truly feeling good being the new looking good and about finding what fellow NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) and author Daniele Della Valle describes in her book “Happy Weight” which BINGO – has nothing to do with the vaguely arrived at number floating in your head where things will get “happy.”

I am a truth teller, a cook, a healer, a writer, a life partner, a mother, and a critic of Standard American Diet and pretty much Standard American anything.  I was a long time professional women’s health advocate, went to grad school for public health with a major in community health education and have had a practice as a massage therapist and Reiki practitioner.  I have a pretty magical significant other that supports all my endeavors and admittedly this has played a huge role in my wellness evolution, a process that keeps on changing but never really ends.

I believe that holistic nutritionists are not just super skinny, 26-year-old white women wearing impossibly white yoga clothes (though I love and learn from them too!) Sometimes they look and sound like me. [Full disclosure, I am like the middle-aged Rihanna of holistic health practitioners and look different all the time because that’s just how I roll] yet I digress. Holistic nutritionists can have had and still manage disordered eating patterns and they too can feel overwhelmed, confused and unhealed. But at the end of the day I’m hoping that MY realness, MY accumulated knowledge, MY recipes and MY recommendations can help YOU find some more wellness of your own and inspire you to find what you need for your own magic prescription.

So welcome to The Well Spell. I’ll be the one in the non-toxic red lipstick (Bite Amuse Bouche Limited Edition in Aries at press time) who is contemplating ways to make a dinner with none of her favorite comfort foods that will still give her comfort. Sound intriguing? Then follow along.