What is The Well Spell?


What does it mean to be well? Well to me it’s a combination of things that are bio-individual. By that I mean that there is an optimal combination of food, exercise, nutrients and soul fueling activities that define YOUR your wellness or lack thereof which admittedly is a continuum and not an “on and off” switch. The Well Spell is way of figuring out the ingredients needed for the better life you seek for yourself and your loved ones.

Did you have a baby (or two) and start to feel like your energy and sleep never recovered even after they started sleeping soundly? Are you realizing that some system or systems in your body have stopped working optimally (digestion, immunity, metabolism, hormones) but you have no idea how it happened or how to get back on track?  Have you learned to live with a depressive mood but have zero ideas about how to find it’s root cause or support the steps you ARE taking to feel more balanced? The Well Spell is how we find the answers to these kinds of issues.

It’s a mix of all the things I’ve learned about wellness through the years both personally and professionally. I love working one-on-one with people to make breakthroughs about their own well spells and supportive plans.  I also believe that sharing stories of our wellness – wherever we are on the continuum – can often be how we figure out more about our own wellness story. At the end of the day our health and wellbeing are just a story and a set of magical ingredients that when put together just right can work together to create a more balanced you and make that story better than ever.

Welcome to The Well Spell!